Program Approach

An All-Encompassing Experience Handled By Professionals.

Our program approach gives you access to everything we have to offer. We study your goals, create a clear strategy on how to get there, and deploy our human and digital resources to achieve those milestones. We take care of everything from start to finish, turning your vison into actionable components and executing.


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Discovery Interview

The Discovery Interview will be comprehensive, covering technology, marketing, product, and general business aspects. We will use both subjective and objective questions to understand intangible aspects and discover factual information. A mix of open-ended and closed-ended questions will be employed to gain the best understanding of the company's state of play.

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Discovery Report

The Discovery Report will present the findings of the Discovery Interview and serve as a foundation for understanding and consensus-building. It will highlight areas of interest and provide a broad assessment, acting as a starting point for the upcoming strategy sessions.

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Strategy Session

During the Strategy Session, your project starts to come to life as we discuss the discovery report and introduce you to our wide range of industry channel solutions. We will align your goals and design a roadmap that aligns your operations with your desired outcomes, utilizing the insights from the Discovery Report.

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Work Initiation

Work Initiation will begin after the initial Strategy Session and once the roadmap is approved. Industrial Channel Solutions will execute granular tasks to implement solutions aligned with the roadmap - fixing, improving, replacing, or creating to achieve your project's goals and outcomes. The work initiation will be uniquely approached according to the requirements.

Let’s Talk Channel Programs

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