About Us

Committed to Growth.

At Industrial Channel Solutions (ICS), we specialize in serving Manufacturers, Distributors, and Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (IMRs).

We believe ideas should exist in a meritocracy. Our mission is to introduce and position quality ideas in the market.

Real World Expertise.

ICS grew out of first-hand experience across the industrial supply chain, including manufacturing, sales, and distribution fields. This allows us to understand the challenges connected to the evolving world. Our objective is to achieve specific, measurable, relevant, and time-bound goals for our clients.

Our Vision.

We envision a supply chain that goes beyond expectations. We envision customers being able to find what they want and get it when they need it - every single time.

Personalization lies at the core of our strategy. By implementing a thoughtful approach, we aim to provide a solution that works for you and your customers.

Let’s Talk Industry

Yes, that vision is heavy on the buzzwords. But, we mean it. There was thought put into every word of this site. Contact us, and we will prove it.